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A video is not just a moving medium; it’s also a medium that moves people the most. A dynamic mix of visuals, words, & music in motion, videos are proven ‘attention magnets’ with the power to engage, interact and persuade. Video marketing, undoubtedly, is a business strategy with the highest ROI.

At Dreamfoot, we amplify this innate power of storytelling with right strategy, right execution and right experience to create memorable brand narratives and influence consumer behaviour.

Our Brand Mantra ‘Soulful Content, Meaningful Strategy, Powerful Execution’ well summarises the distinction that team Dreamfoot brings to the table.

Our Brand Mantra

Soulful Content

Right Emotions not just Right Messaging

Video is a powerful medium to build an emotional rapport with the audience – be it the first time visitors, the engaged prospects or the satisfied customers. But the key is to think it right. 

At Dreamfoot, we leverage this advantage by adopting a more human approach to storytelling.

This ensures that over and above achieving your end goal behind the video, be it educate or inspire, attract or convert, reinforce or recall, we also successfully catapult the medium’s underlying goal of forging a strong relationship with your audience.

Replete with content that resonates with the audience at large; our stories are high on EQ, integrate your purpose with your audience’s purpose, look at business through the prism of the brains behind it. This humanized way of content marketing ensures that brands connect with the viewers the way iron gets attracted to a magnet.

Be it bringing the human element to your website or explaining a complicated topic in a matter of seconds, sharing about the cause your brand is supporting or acting as an enabler in their buying process – our stories with soulful content will work wonders for your marketing objectives.

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Meaningful Strategy

Rich Moments not just Right Medium

Right strategy is at the heart of triggering a meaningful outcome. But what are the key ingredients of the ‘right strategy’? Is it selection of the right medium and messaging? Surely, it is a necessary factor but not a sufficient factor to drive outcomes.

At Dreamfoot, we lay equal focus on creating videos with rich ‘moments’ that lure the viewers into taking action.


None of our video strategies is complete without factoring in those ‘aha moments’ that propel people to take immediate action; learn, do, find, buy, enquire or explore. Know how your brand can capitalise these micro-moments.

Another differentiator of our strategy is paying utmost attention to the location, the context and the medium. These efforts make our videos more inclusive and less intrusive, more engaging and less imposed, most importantly our videos come across as more meaningful stories and less marketing pitches.

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Powerful Execution

Great Production not just Ideal Ideation

An idea is only as good as its execution. Attention to high production values therefore is a key pillar of our value proposition.

‘Powerful Execution’ is a core deliverable that completes our brand mantra. We do this with the power of Right Infrastructure, Right Team, and Right Partners. With minds that bring rich experience to the table, state-of- the-art production capacity, creative muscle power across the country and, above all, an attitude to ‘do the new’ and ‘do the impossible’, we have scripted multiple success stories delivering best results against the odds.

Our strong execution strength lends us the advantage to spearhead and successfully deliver challenging projects in different genres, with unique operating capacities for businesses of all sizes.

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