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How a Visitor Safety Video Can Save You Millions

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Imagine a curious visitor checking on a machine he has no idea of. Or just a frustrated one who doesn’t care what his actions will bring.  Watch how the safety can be compromised when one such visitor walks into your factory.

Now, your machine is in flames and it’s not even your fault! No one would like that, right?

That’s why having a visitor safety video in your induction program becomes extremely crucial.

What is Safety Induction?

The primary aim of safety induction is to provide knowledge to the employees. The idea is to impart them with the skills to perform their work safely, not only for themselves but also for their co-workers. In fact, safety training is an integral part of the employee onboarding process.

However, companies aren’t responsible only for their employee’s safety, right? They also need to focus on the well-being of the visitors. Visitors are the most prone to safety hazards because they are not aware of the company know-how. They need to be given instructions and guidelines to identify hazards, report them, and deal with them as well.

Why Use Video?

  • It’s not always possible for a member of the staff to provide safety demonstration to all the visitors
  • Safety boards with text and infographics are good. But there’s a limitation to the information they can convey
  • It helps re-enact different kind of situations which are difficult to describe in words
  • Makes visitors aware of the hazards they may face
  • Gives them valuable training to deal with those hazards, or at least report them in time
  • It’s easy to understand which makes the training a lot effective
  • Valuable supporting tool for health and safety compliance
  • Allows using visual metaphors

Different Styles of Visitor Safety Video

When we talk of safety videos, there are a number of styles to choose from.

Live Action Videos

Such videos are great to connect on a personal level. Visitors can quickly relate to a real person dealing with real problems. This also allows you to give a face to your industrial safety management operations.

Animation Videos

Animation allows you to recreate an accident and show the devastating effects of it. It allows you to relive the horror of that incident. Apart from being easy to understand, it removes the language barriers if any.

There are two types of animated videos you can use in your visitor safety induction.

  1. Explainer style 2D Animation

This is the simplest of the lot. Don’t let it fool you though. Most times, being simple is the best way to demonstrate important safety instructions. Its engaging and straightforward nature makes it extremely dynamic.

  1. 3D Animation

When it comes to conjuring emotions in the viewer’s heart, 3D animation works wonders. It can quickly grasp the attention of your viewers. This allows you to convey the most important safety instructions in a way which the visitors will remember even after the visit. With its direct and personal approach, it is a perfect blend of human touch and the power of animation.


This type of videos are a combination of live action videos and animated videos. They help you explain all the complex stuff with animations, while still keeping the emotional connection of humans. In other words, they offer the best of both worlds.


Remember, there’s no shortcut to safety. Any accident at your premises will not only hurt you financially, but it will also dent your reputation. Making your visitors aware of the safety rules with a visitor safety video will help you a lot in the longer run.


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