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Why Animated Marketing Videos are the Best to Showcase Your Brand

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In the age of super-short attention span, it’s essential to capture your user’s attention in those first few seconds. Take more than that and they are going to move to someone else. And when we talk of grabbing attention, what better than a video, right?

It has become a common practice for companies to narrate their brand’s story in the form of videos. Visual medium has been the preferred marketing tool for the big players now. It has helped them bring their products into the limelight. In fact, studies have shown that information retained in 60 seconds of video is equal to a couple of million written words.

But, why make animated videos? Is that what you ask?
The answer’s simple.

Animated videos are versatile creatures. While being engaging and entertaining, they give a brand complete creative freedom. This has turned them into one of the most powerful resources for marketing.

Here are some of the reasons why animated marketing videos are getting popular.

Benefits of Animated Marketing Videos

benefits of animated marketing videos - Dreamfoot Blog

Not Just Engaging, But Entertaining

When we talk of animations, our mind flashes back to the cartoons, right? Watching cartoons is one of the best memories everyone has. And that’s why animated videos quickly strike a chord with the viewers.

They turn your promotional advertisement into something with which the users can engage with.

Not just that, animated videos are much more entertaining too. This is what makes visitors stay with the video much longer.

And the more they watch the video, the more they interact with your brand.

Easy Customization

Animated videos offer you complete creative freedom.

With animations, you can customize everything according to your brand. From the characters to backgrounds to the way each character moves, everything can be made to reflect your brand. This allows your brand to make a place in not just your viewer’s minds, but also in their hearts.

And guess what, it doesn’t cost much too. All you need is a computer and a creative soul to play with it.

A Trendy Marketing Campaign

Today, whenever people like something, they almost feel compelled to share it. This is especially true with videos as they are found to produce 1200% more shares than text and images together.

In many cases, animated videos are more impactful than live action videos. They have the power to speak directly to your audience, and in a fun way at that. The moment people consume worthy content, they share it.

This way, unconsciously, people end up benefitting your brand.

Search Engines Love Animated Explainer Videos

When it comes to giants like Google and YouTube, videos sell much faster than images or texts. If you wish to increase the organic traffic of your website, you need to incorporate videos in your digital marketing strategy.

Website hoppers rule the internet today. The best way to make the users spend more time on your website is to have an animated video on your landing page. This can increase your conversion by as much as 80%.

Once you have made a good animation, all you need to do is give it a catchy title, add some precise tags and you’d be a darling in the eyes of search engines. Big or small, every brand can benefit from using videos as a medium of promotion.


If you haven’t done it yet, it’s time you gave animated marketing videos a serious thought. They will help you stand out from the competition.

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