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Captivate, Activate and Invigorate audiences with Social Impact Videos

Storytelling through video is a powerful tool to inform, inspire and engage audiences. And what happens when this power of video is used to capture stories about pressing social issue, social causes championed by brands and efforts made by social and environment innovators, it ignites social change.

For us, Social Impact Videos are agents of change which intrigue the audiences with authentic yet delightful perspectives to connect with them on an emotional level and invigorate them to take action.

Who can use Social Impact Films?


Changemakers or Social Entrepreneurs

Share personal stories about endeavours, invite people to participate and launch crowdfunding campaign


Startups and Social Enterprise

Spark consumer interest towards their innovative solutions and make sustainable products desirable



Launch sustainability campaigns to change consumer attitudes and encourage sustainable resource use



Spread mass social awareness about their cause, transform mindsets and inspire social action


Accelarator / Incubator

Show effectiveness of your mentorship programs and how your cohort of entrepreneurs are engaging in social good

Why choose Dreamfoot to create Social Impact Videos?


Empathy created by great storytelling can be a great fuel for action.


We are passionate storytellers who amplify the innate power of video to create stories which help you emotionally connect with your audience.


We use our Brand Mantra ‘Soulful Content, Meaningful Strategy, Powerful Execution’ to create social impact videos that are authentic and actionable.

  • L&TL&T
  • LindeLinde
  • Aditya BirlaAditya Birla
  • TotoToto
  • KYB ConmatKYB Conmat
  • Siemens GamesaSiemens Gamesa
  • SiemensSiemens
  • Akshaya PatraAkshaya Patra
  • AU-Welfare-FoundationAU-Welfare-Foundation
  • Vasu HealthcareVasu Healthcare
  • ApttusApttus
  • LMwindpowerLMwindpower
  • Raama GroupRaama Group
  • Perennials IndiaPerennials India
  • Teen Patti GoldTeen Patti Gold
  • AbengoaAbengoa
  • OdysseusOdysseus
  • GeetanjaliGeetanjali
  • Subhash Chandra FoundationSubhash Chandra Foundation
  • CampusknotCampusknot
  • SmartsenseSmartsense
  • PrakashPrakash
  • HuntsmanHuntsman

Let’s create an intriguing social impact film that inspires thought and action

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