Our Process Steps

  • Step1


    A project kick-off meeting helps us understand your needs. We listen to what you would like to achieve and consult about how best we can leverage video to serve that...

  • Step2

    SMART Goals for video

    We work with you to define Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-related goals to give project a clear direction. This is based on the background, logistics and timing we discussed...

  • Step3


    Once we have a good picture about who your audience is, we drill deeper into what they care about. We support your existing data, buyer persona’s and create a meaningful...

  • Step4

    Craft a Soulful Message

    Together, we craft a soulful message for your story that’s in line with your brand, the goals and engaging for your audience. We share the concepts concept and storyline with...

  • Step5

    Pre Production

    Once we select the concept, we begin to write the video script and even share a storyboard to help you visualise the video. We prepare for everything we need before...

  • Step6


    Based on the production schedule, our production crew starts capturing the interviews, shoot b-roll and all the audio-visual assets that are required for the video.

  • Step7

    Post Production

    The editing phase begins with organising media, incorporating voiceover (if necessary) and creating a first edit of the video also called Rough cut. We present it you after we feel...

  • Step8

    Edit Review and Delivery

    The edit review allows you and your team to provide feedback on rough cut and over a series of 2-3 refinements to rough cut in terms of structural changes, adding...

  • L&TL&T
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  • AU-Welfare-FoundationAU-Welfare-Foundation
  • Vasu HealthcareVasu Healthcare
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  • Raama GroupRaama Group
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