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Our Process Steps

  • Step1


    A project kick-off meeting helps us understand your needs. We listen to what you would like to achieve and consult about how best we can leverage video to serve that purpose.

  • Step2

    SMART Goals for video

    We work with you to define Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-related goals to give project a clear direction. This is based on the background, logistics and timing we discussed in the kick-off meeting.

  • Step3


    Once we have a good picture about who your audience is, we drill deeper into what they care about. We support your existing data, buyer persona’s and create a meaningful strategy to reach out to them.

  • Step4

    Craft a Soulful Message

    Together, we craft a soulful message for your story that’s in line with your brand, the goals and engaging for your audience. We share the concepts concept and storyline with you in a document along with requisite to execute each concept.

  • Step5

    Pre Production

    Once we select the concept, we begin to write the video script and even share a storyboard to help you visualise the video. We prepare for everything we need before filming; identify talent, scout locations, organize crews and equipment and develop and develop a production

  • Step6


    Based on the production schedule, our production crew starts capturing the interviews, shoot b-roll and all the audio-visual assets that are required for the video.

  • Step7

    Post Production

    The editing phase begins with organising media, incorporating voiceover (if necessary) and creating a first edit of the video also called Rough cut. We present it you after we feel it’s as complete as can be, to the point of adding watermarked music and graphics until those items are approved for purchase and use.

  • Step8

    Edit Review and Delivery

    The edit review allows you and your team to provide feedback on rough cut and over a series of 2-3 refinements to rough cut in terms of structural changes, adding licensed stock assets like music and graphics, colour correction, we present the final cut for your approval. We then deliver the video in the requested

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