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Dreamfooters are an eclectic bunch of professionals bonded by a common passion for powerful storytelling and a pursuit of lifelong learning. Our great gang of storytellers, marketers, brand strategists, content creators, producers and post-production artists strive to make each video the best work we’ve ever done.

Some are pioneers who challenge the status-quo and think the different, some are champions who roll up their sleeves and set those ideas into motion, some are barometers who always measure our performance and prod us to better our best – together we are a collective force of strengths complementing each other’s functions.

We live by the rule of ‘Research. Write. Produce. Edit. Wow. Repeat’ and have fun all along the journey of great storytelling.

Chief Dream Officers

Back in 2011, Shweta and Hiren delved into the world of entrepreneurship backed by a 6 years-rich experience of working in Mumbai’s digital and film fraternities and a gut feeling for the audience’s appetite for video consumption. Since then Dreamfoot has been helping businesses, small and large, to hold a stronger footprint in the market by creating compelling video content with cinematic excellence.

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By knowing the long and short of video production, leveraging the art and craft of storytelling and using video in every stage of the buyer’s journey and company’s goals – the duo has successfully ensured results for clients in ways that other marketing techniques cannot assure.


Shweta Upadhyay,

Director | Co-founder

A curious blend of scientific mind, marketing genius and creative heart, Shweta brings to the table expertise in various disciplines which only complements her rich experience as a Creative Director in reputed, Mumbai-based video production house.

Her passion for understanding human psyche empowers her to craft strategies that ensure more bang for the client’s buck, write scripts that persuade the viewers to act, spot talented folks who add strength to the team power and collaborate effortlessly with other members – on location or in office.

These days she is often found consulting clients on the choice of video styles and marketing mediums best suited for various buyer personas in order for a brand to create a big bang.

Hiren is an alumnus of Film and Television Institute of India, Pune. He champions the importance of the big idea and firmly believes that for a video to amaze audience, good storytelling is as paramount as the production gear.

His love for watching world cinema helps us set new standards in production, post-production and animation. Deciphering deep meanings behind the visual narrative and breaking down the technicalities from camera to microphone are part of his daily routine. He perceives Cinema as a learning ground and ground for experimentation to bring his people skills and creativity to life.

As a Creative Director, he derives meanings from client stories and ensures that the same is carried to different stages like filming and editing and helps weave impactful videos for projects with different requirements. He loves fitting and mixing between sciences and arts to create new art.

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Hiren Upadhyay

Creative Director | Founder

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