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Engage Audience with Authentic stories via Documentary Films

Today’s audiences are engaging with authentic stories on social, digital and traditional media. Documentary films are a powerful tool which brands and non-profits can use to share real-world stories and forge connection with audiences.

Our documentary films take the audience right into the story, illuminate new perspectives, activate powerful emotions to help you forge connection with your audiences. Bring perspectives around real journey of people, achievement stories, stories of culture and history.


How can you use Documentary Films?

Branded-documentaries for Corporates

Longer formats like Branded-docs are powerful for emotional connection with the audience.Brands can take advantage of documentary’s authentic form of expression to tell customer’s stories and inspire customer loyalty. The customers become brand ambassadors and the video serves an excellent tool for content marketing strategy.

“If you want to have a human connection with the consumer
and you want them to share it, you need to create something
more relatable and authentic.”


Geoffrey Campbell

Senior Director of Content, MediaCom Entertainment

The Perfect Marriage: Documentaries and Non-Profits


Non-profits can harness the power of documentary storytelling to reach new audiences and craft messages that help expand the organization’s traditional base of supporters.

Share compelling narratives about global issues

Showcase the grassroot activities of your organization

Promote real change in local communities by showcasing real-heroes

“One of the most effective ways to draw in new audiences is to
show them everyday people who look and sound like them.”

Ready to tell your story now?

Want to inspire social change
or sustainability story or create
social first documentary?

Want to share a story
and engage audience to
get emotional impact?

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Share your story and let’s create an
effective documentary film

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