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Silent Explainer Videos – The Power of Silence

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Where do you think people usually watch your video? When they’re at home, relaxing on a couch, and no one else around to disturb them? No, of course not.

Because of the advent of mobile phones, people today can watch your video anywhere and at anytime they like. It may be when they’re at work, while they are in transit, or even while grooving to the loud DJ beats in a club.

At such times, they either watch it without a sound, or can’t hear the sound properly. So, how do you explain your app or service without sound? Well, the obvious answer is adding captions to your videos.

But a better and smarter way is to make your video without a sound.

Yes, you read it right.

We’re talking about the silent explainer videos.

Well, technically, your video would never be silent. There will always be some music to go along with the visuals. And so, the correct phrase we’re looking for here is explainer videos without a voiceover.

Do you doubt their power? Do you think the message won’t come across clearly without a talking head? Think again.

Here are some of the best examples of silent explainer videos:

Squarespace “Create Your Own Space”

All this video has is minimal number of words flowing across the screen and a birds-eye view of the working space of different professionals. And still, we get the perfect idea of what the brand does.

They help you book a space over the internet and migrate your work there. If you ask me, its simplicity designed to perfection.

VSI Group “Google Panda”

Have you ever wondered what the Google Panda does? Or maybe you’d have thought how to be friends with the Panda? Well, you’re in luck. This short video answers both your questions, and that too, without speaking a word.

No wonder 2D animation is considered one of the best styles for explainer videos. It has the power to explain the most complex of ideas in the simplest of manner. This power doesn’t come easy though.

Your animated video will be effective only when it is driven by a good story. Without a storyline, the best of animations would have no meaning in the marketing world.

TakeNote “A Life Story, A Love Story”

And finally, the one we love the most.

When you sell pens and stationary, it’s easy to think that you have limited opportunities for marketing. After all, the traditional way of video marketing won’t work for you as you can’t just keep shouting “pen, pen, pen…” all the time. What can you do then?

Here’s an excellent example of what you can do.

When it comes to marketing, storytelling is the ultimate thing. This video is a proof of it.


The videos above show that you don’t always need a voiceover or a talking head to make a good video. Sometimes, all you need is a creative mind and the ability to tell a story.

If you haven’t done it yet, it’s time to experiment with the silent explainer videos. Who knows, your customers might just be yearning for something new.

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