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Why Organizations Need to Tell Their Social Impact Stories

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In a society like ours, the job of non-profit organizations ain’t easy, isn’t it? Creating an impact is a challenge in itself. But the bigger challenge is to gather funds for your venture. After all, not many people wish to loosen up their pockets for a social cause.

So, what can make the job easier?

Well, the best solution is to narrate your social impact stories.

Such stories allow you to connect with your audience and at the same time, it helps build a community around your cause.

That’s not the end though. These stories have the power to bring change. Power to create an impact on society.

And for a positive change to sustain, it’s your responsibility as a non-profit organization to get such stories out.

No, not only because they help you with your purpose-driven marketing. But because they have the power to be the face of change.

Why Social Impact Stories Deserve to be Told?

  • Connect and Spread

Stories are a powerful medium to engage your audience, especially when told through the visual medium. They can instantly connect the viewers to your cause. This helps you to build a community around the mission and bring about a larger change in the society.

  • Solutions are there, but they need to be accepted

Problems are always well illustrated. Everyone knows they exist. And most of the problems have simple solutions too. Yet, people are just not ready to accept those solutions. There’s a wall built around their thoughts which doesn’t allow them to explore.

Social impact videos have the power to burst through these walls. They have the power to bypass thoughts and make a place in the people’s heart. And once the heart is set at something, the mind automatically falls in place.

  • Brings your work to life

When you work for a social cause, inspiring stories unfold every day. These are not the stories to be hidden in a diary. Neither the ones whose secrets should be buried in our hearts. No. These are the stories which deserve to be told. Stories supposed to be spread like a wildfire.

Why? Because success always inspires success. As more and more people watch the story unfold, they will be inspired to join your cause. Narrating your social impact story allows you to bring your work to life.

What to Tell In These Impact Stories?

Personal stories

Why did you start the organization? What brought you to this cause? Has the journey always been this smooth? These are some of the questions which your video can answer.

Not only the founders but every volunteer working for the organization will have their own reasons for joining the work. All this makes up for a stimulating story. After all, everyone likes to have a little peek behind the scenes, don’t they?.

Impact stories

Change is not always applauded in our society. The main reason behind this is that people just don’t know how the change is changing them. And so, your social impact story becomes even more powerful. It not only makes people aware of the change but also helps them understand how your work benefits them.

As they start to acknowledge your efforts, you will get a renewed boost.

Success stories

Social impact can never be measured in numbers. It can only be seen in the way it changes the lives of different individuals. And when those individuals sit to narrate their stories of change, they are not going to be anything less than inspirational.

But, Why Use Video to Narrate These Social Impact Stories?

In this age of the internet, video is the most powerful tool to spread your cause. As the number of mobile phone users grows, video becomes the perfect platform. Videos allow your story to unfold right in front of the viewer’s eye.

Rather than having to imagine the story behind the words, they get a complete feel of it. Videos make a much better emotional connect. Not only that, but you can also share the video on a number of different platforms. And, we all know that it doesn’t take much longer for a cause to go viral on social media today. All these make up a perfect marketing material.


Every non-profit organization can use the power of storytelling to increase their marketing efforts. Not only that, but stories also help them create an emotional connection with their supporters.

Well, the corporates are doing it with their CSR videos, then why not non-profits? It’s time to get in front of the camera and inspire millions with your social impact stories.

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