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3 Inspirations to Make Your Recruitment Video Great

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You don’t build business, you build people, and then, these people build the business. – Zig Zagler

Well, when it comes to recruitment, there can’t be truer words than this.

Big or small, every company needs employees. And not just any employees, but the right kind of employees too. How do you find them? By recruitment, of course. But that’s not what I’m talking about. What I mean is how would you get that right employee to join your organization?

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The best way to make the task easier is through a recruitment video. What it does is showcases the elegant work culture of your organization, helps you highlight how you nurture the talent, and climb the ladder of success.

Different Types of Recruitment Videos

Company Culture Video

A job isn’t just about work, right? It’s also about the people you are working with. And, when you have co-workers who can instantly turn into friends, what more do you need?

In fact, friendly co-workers are a must-have in today’s demanding workplaces. And yet, not all organizations have that culture. And, most of the ones who do don’t highlight it enough.

What? You don’t know how to highlight it? Let’s learn from Vistaprint.

In their company culture video, they perfectly bring out the love and trust their employees share with each other. And while doing so, they also showcase their own efforts in nurturing that culture.

Recruitment Video

Many people dream of a job with which we can change things around. Where they can make greatness happen and build a future for others to draw inspiration from.

And if your organization provides such an opportunity, it’s high time you promote that aspect of yours.

That’s exactly what Adidas does in their recruitment video.

When you create that ‘wow’ factor about working at your organization, there’s no reason the right talent won’t choose you over your competitors.

Work-life Balance Video

Having an ideal work-life balance is still an unfulfilled dream for most. It’s a thing which gets elegantly ignored in today’s target-driven organizations.

“What nonsense!” is what you’d probably say, “we let our employees have enough fun.”

Sure you must be doing. But then, how’s the outside world supposed to believe you?

Well, that’s where a recruitment video comes to your aide. It helps you identify how your employees live a life outside the
organization as well, and of course, how you help them in doing so.

Need inspiration on how to highlight that perfect work-life balance in your recruitment video? Watch how BambooHR does it.


What are you waiting for then? Get going and start making an HR video right away. It’s time to rest all your recruitment worries and focus solely on growing your business.

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