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Is Emotional Advertising the Way Ahead?

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What is it that makes people talk about a brand? How are the winning brands engaging its audience? Well, here is an answer to your curiosity.

Brands target their audience emotionally. The most intelligent and psychological way of connecting more people is through emotional appeal. If an Ad makes its audience cry, laugh or angry, it is a sign of a successful advertisement.

If people are sharing and talking about a campaign it’s because they felt connected with it. An ad with emotional content is always Viral and asks for less investment because it is marketed by the audience itself. Studies show that people rely on emotions rather than information, thus getting attracted more towards emotional Ads.

But there are brands which use emotions in an inappropriate way or use them too much and fail to attract its audience. This shows that not everyone knows the art of emotions. Some do though. Many actually.

Here are some killing examples of Emotional Advertising

A human is prone to many emotions. But, are all those emotions important when it comes to advertising? Of course not. There are only 4 basic emotions that the brands look to address in their advertisements.

Spread a smile? Oh yeah!

Everyone searches for happiness in lives and if a brand is providing it, people will come to it more and more. Brands using happiness as a source in their advertising attracts more customers. This is the most common and frequent emotion used in advertising.

Coca Cola always targets its audience with positivity i.e. with happy emotion, and it is the master in advertising from years. Its new campaign “Share a Coke” is all about spreading happiness and mainly focuses on relationships.

ssUrban Ladder also focuses on happiness with a tint of humor. All its campaigns are impactful and connect the audience emotionally. Also, they make it relatable for people.

Shed a tear? Maybe.

Sadness is used by many brands to attract more customers. Ads which can make people cry are very impactful and thus inspire them to take action. Sad Ads generate feelings of compassion and empathy, increasing engagement towards the brand.
This Sunfeast Mom’s Magic Ad brings tears in our eyes. It cleverly used emotional advertising by proper product placement and also it beautifully expressed the relationship.

Make people angry? Works.

Negative emotions like anger, frustration, and disgust make the customer talk about the campaign. Angry ads are mostly based on some serious issues or the issues which are in trend. There are many Campaigns which focus on woman empowerment and equality.

This Ad from “Always” is the perfect example of angry emotional advertising.

Titan Raga has always supported women through their advertising. All its campaigns are emotional and inspirational, which touches the customer’s heart and creates a connection. Titan Raga breaks the stereotypes through its campaigns.

Spread a fear? Never fails.

Fear creates urgency and prompts the audience to take action. Fear Ads target our survival and make us feel the risk. The negative feeling of fear makes the consumer worry and results in making him buy the product.

All the insurance Ads use fear to target their customers. Campaigns by Kotak life insurance are depressing and frighten the customers but it is doing great for the brand. Fear Ads work more than comedy for many brands; it all depends on their sector.


Tapping into human emotions has never failed so far. And it’s sure to stay here for long. Brands have understood this pretty well and many have mastered the art as well. The others are learning from the masters and catching up fast.

It may not have been a prominent factor in the age of TV and radio ads. But, with the advent of social media, emotional advertising is the way ahead!

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