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New to Corporate Storytelling? Here are 5 Killer Examples

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Storytelling is very old, people have already been communicating through stories. The art of storytelling is very diverse. Everyone loves stories. Brands nowadays are following the same method used by our grandparents. They communicate with us through stories.

Storytelling is a very powerful tool in the corporate world. It has taken marketing to a completely different level. Storytelling connects the brand audience emotionally and helps in increasing loyalty.

Here are 5 awesome examples of corporate storytelling:

TATA Tiscon

Tata Tiscon tried something different and celebrated engineers’ day. They chose a very smart, emotional and positive way to target its audience. The brand focused on teenagers as there are many engineers nowadays. The brand released this amazing campaign on engineers’ day, which created more impact. They chose a concept which isn’t much familiar in the market yet relatable to the audience.

Samsonite India

Samsonite India always stands out in the market because of its different and unique campaigns. The brand came up with this amazing idea of #Keralaisopen, which is based on a very recent event happened in Kerala. It took the initiative of supporting Kerala and came up with an outstanding campaign. When everyone was praying and talking about Kerala’s present, Samsonite focused on its future. This campaign reminds the audience of a current affair which connects them with the brand.

Lenovo India

Lenovo India came with it’s another extraordinary campaign. Lenovo is a master in corporate storytelling, it always comes up with excellent ideas which makes it easy for the audience to relate. In this campaign, it highlights the big dreams of a village girl, who aims to be an astronaut. The brand has taken a creative way of promotion. This campaign targets the audience emotionally and creates a powerful impact.

Domino’s India

Domino’s is always with the trend through its campaigns. And recently it came up with a heart-warming campaign #Maanahibhoolti which describes the unconditional love of a mother. The brand released this amazing campaign on mother’s day. It shows the bond between mother and son with perfect product placement. These outstanding campaigns help domino’s in its engagement.

Saregama Carvaan

This viral campaign of Saregama caravan wined all hearts. It keeps the audience engrossed from the beginning. This beautiful campaign describes an impactful story and keeps the audience engaged. Caravan is becoming a great storyteller through all its campaigns. It is creating a different image by communicating emotionally with their audience.


Corporate storytelling is an art which is worth mastering for a successful business. Stories bring people together and inspire them to take actions. So the next time you want to engage your audience, why not think of storytelling?

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