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5 Reasons Why Long Form Ads Top the Trending Charts

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There was a time when advertisements were restricted by the 20-second barrier. May it be Radio or Television, brands had limited time to create an impression. And so, promoting their product from the word go was the usual norm.

Times have changed though. This is the age of the internet. The mobile revolution has led to an increase in online video streaming. Couple that with the instant sharing options of social media, and the advertising world has turned upside down.

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The change in dynamics has led to the rise of long form ads.

Here are the 5 reasons why long form ads are gaining so much popularity:


Often while watching these long ads you will end up asking yourself – is this really an advertisement?

Why does this question arise? Because brands have started to restrict themselves from popping into the narrative.

While branding is the ultimate goal, their aim is to connect with the viewers. Branding often comes just as a fleeting glance towards the end. And, judging by the audience’s reaction, the trick is working.

Customers tend to favor a brand which has entertained them with a long form advertisement. Even Google says that when it comes to online advertising, longer is stronger!

Answering the creative call

Your audience has so many options today. Even a minuscule of boredom and viewers switch to the next option in line. Just like it’s hard to ignore nature’s call, the brands are compelled to answer the viewer’s creative call.

The idea here is to go beyond the idea of selling and engage the viewers in the story.

Social awareness

Social issues have always been at the helm of movies and documentaries. But now, with the emergence of long form ads, even advertisements have started to embrace social issues. Viewers can easily relate to this kind of topics. And so, such ads instantly strike a chord with the viewer’s heart.

Break the barriers

The best thing the internet has done is to break the geographical barriers. Advertisements are no longer bound by geography. YouTube and other social media platforms have allowed them to travel beyond the seven seas. Not only that, this has broken the barriers of language as well. After all, you don’t always need words to feel the emotions.

Word of mouth

Last, but not the least, is the immense amount of PR these long format web films generate. People may be a bit skeptical about watching ads from brands. But when the same video is forwarded by someone they know, they watch with rapt attention. And when people like something, it immediately starts trending. Without much marketing, brands get their publicity.


The long form ads have broken many barriers since their inception. And guessing by the amount of popularity they get, they are all set to break many more. What are you waiting for then? It’s time to start trending. It’s time for lights, camera, action!

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