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Dreamfoot is a 360° video production agency specialising in helping business to achieve goals by leveraging the advantages of a video as a strategic tool to attract, convert and retain customers.

We create compelling videos with the right amount of emotions, entertainment and infotainment. Special expertise lies in creating wow videos; videos which feel more human; and videos which indulge in less selling and more storytelling. In a nutshell, we make conversation pieces with the potential to turn browsers into buyers.

But how do we do it?

This is made possible by starting the process from the drawing board – absorbing client’s objectives, observing customer insights, analysing market scenario, crafting the right strategy, choosing the best format of storytelling and producing the content in the most creative and convincing manner.

At Dreamfoot

we have a brand mantra

that well defines this

method to our madness:


Soulful. Meaningful. Powerful.

create micro moments video

We don’t just make videos.

We create moments that linger in the

mind even after the video is over.

For each project, we aim to create powerful

videos that achieve real business results.

We work closely with your brand to craft

meaningful stories and capture moments that

address core action points of the audience

such as I-want-to-know, I-want-, to-do, I-want-

to-buy and I-want- to-go.

We cut through the market clutter,

by rejecting the approach of a cookie cutter.

No idea created history, by borrowing from the

present. To achieve the desired outcome, we

don’t use cliché ideas, standard script or

cookie-cutter templates.

Rather we design bespoke storytelling narratives

and formats for every project.

Our Approach
bespoke storytelling video

Video production can be complicated.

But not with us, as constraints are our allies.

Each constraint is an opportunity in disguise. We have a long history of turning challenging projects in success stories. Trust our clients who will vouch for this fact.

Challenges like lack of resources, tight timelines, complex subjects with little or no brief, as well as infrastructural and cultural barriers at shoot locations – rather than seeing constraints are mere roadblocks, we leverage them resources to pave a new way.

Read our Success Stories to see how far we can go.

With video as your marketing tool and us as your video partners, no dream of yours is too extreme.

Our Values


Customer Success

Our measure of success is directly proportionate to our client’s success. A high-impact video brings our clients closer to their goals, thereby boosting their bottom-line.



We have a huge bandwidth of muscle power from across the country. The nature of our job also expects us to embrace this co-creation approach  to accomplish customer success.


Constant Learning

Every deliverable created, project completed and relationship forged is a learning opportunity. Learning from the past comes naturally but we’ve also cultivated a culture to learn for the future.



Innovate messaging to add soul to each video by reimagining storytelling, execute and deliver a powerful video. Anything we do, we try not to follow traditional footsteps but set new ones.



We’ve embedded transparency in our marketing vocabulary so our relationships are based on trust, are more human; true to the very nature of ‘Video’.

value ownership


We take credit for the good, bad and the ugly, small, big, huge – projects of all size, so we can guarantee customer success.

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