Attract and engage your audience with short form video

The shrinking attention span and changing viewing habits of digital natives call for short-form videos. We help you create snackable video content and grab your audience’s attention. Entertaining clips your audience can watch on-the-go and drive them to share and recommend to their friends.


As your brand competes to attract audiences on social media platforms, short-form videos are ideal for strong engagement, particularly on mobile. We produce content that combines all the action and the wow moment in less time, making the video entertaining to watch and less skippable.

Why use Short Form Video?


Viewing of short form video has more than doubled across all age groups


Dominate the social conversation and entice younger viewers to engage


Short entertaining content is more shareable


Crafted for silent mode to suit for muted auto-play native video feature on social media platforms


Ads in short form content like pre-roll ads serve better brand results – Brand awareness and Actionable engagement that drives site traffic


Meet your consumer in the right micro-moments on mobile like I-want-to-know moments, I-want-to-go moments, I-want-to-do moments, and I-want-to-buy moments


Short Form Video + Content that fits audience’s interests = High Engagement on Social Media

It’s time you gear up your content marketing towards the mobile consumer & gain traction during those few moments people spend scrolling throughout the day.

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How can your brand use short from video?

Short Form Videos are to tease:

Seed an idea to intrigue your audience

Online video ads

Product Teasers

Quick DIY Videos

Behind the scenes video

Bumper ads for YouTube

Quick Recipes, Tips Video

All are Engaging Videos for Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat

Why choose Dreamfoot to create Short-form videos?

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We are passionate storytellers who amplify the innate power of video to create stories which help you emotionally connect with your audience.


We use our Brand Mantra ‘Soulful Content, Meaningful Strategy, Powerful Execution’ to create Social Impact Videos that are authentic and actionable.


To help you with consistent engagement with your audience on social media platforms using short-form videos, we’re ready to partner for an ongoing period of time.

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